Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Go to command prompt.
1. ping --- (show the status of connectivity between CPE to Computer and status of data transfer).
2. Ping ( show the status of website ping, ip of website and status of web site packet loss.
3. ipconfig /all ---(show the ip address of LAN/WLAN card,DHCP-enabled and alloted public IP from internet (59.x.x.x or 117.x.x.x).
4. nslookup ----(show the DNS IP )
5. nslookup ---( show the ip of web site and domain address of server).
6.tracert ---( show the packet routing of the gmail server).
7.ipconfig /displaydns (show the chache records of web site opened in your computer)If any suggestion/queries may be contact in this regard. Rajaikar Adavelli SDE(BB PLG)